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Striving to Be Simple-minded

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Da Vinci Somewhere in the complexity of Chicago traffic today, I began to wonder when such a great term became a pejorative. This term – which should be a positive – has so many negative connotations that I want you to suspend your disbelief at its current definition to […]

12 Days of Marketing Innovation, Day #6 – The Ivy League Education, for free

“Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.” Will Durant You’ve always said it was the cost – not your smarts that kept you out of an Ivy League school.  Not anymore – you can take a  whopping 2,000 courses including Advanced Strategy, Game Theory and Optimization.  While you can’t get the degree, you […]

Mash-up: Linked In Meets the Fortune 1000; (plus Sonar, what to do when you get there)

What if you were a B2B company who called on the Fortune 500? much like our company Covalent Marketing does What if you do, as we do, and conduct Google/Linked In/Social Media scans on the people you were meeting with? because you want to be informed and eloquent about those who are granting you time […]

Three management lessons (that will make you smile and cringe simultaneously)

A long long time ago in a land far away (New Jersey to be specific), I went to a training class – back in the days when companies really invested in the people, not simply the discrete tasks they would perform. I learned a few of the most valuable lessons I would ever have. A […]

Creating Customer Intelligence: Chasm Crossing

We are in process of designing a new marketing dashboard for a client and it will feature only three categories of information:  campaigns, contacts and customers. I present these in order of things we know the most about to things we know the least about.  There, I said it, we currently know the least about […]

10 business models that rocked 2010 – from the Board of Innovation

I came across this content from a fellow IBMer who came across it from someone else, who… ah, the beauty of social media.  And it is highly unsurprising that the Board of Innovation – the Slideshare’s owners – used Social Media centric models.  Instead of me blabbing, I’ll let you get to the good stuff.  […]

Extract from the upcoming whitepaper: The Path Forward

So, I received printed versions of the first of the five whitepapers in our 2009 CRM Leadership Study, The Path Forward:  New Models for Customer Focused Leadership.  I am really excited about it. The first paper is what we have termed the Umbrella – the one that introduces you to all the concepts so that […]


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