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Semiconductor Companies: You Need Digital Marketing, Now

(Cross post with IBM.com electronics) In 2012, the top ten semiconductor companies locked up 51% of the business, with Intel leading that pack – with nearly 16% market share followed by Samsung with 10%. It was, of course a mixed bag of economic results – with different companies taking different strategies, some succeeding and some […]

eCommerce Best Practices – Getting Great Reviews

Reviews are now a critical part of the shopping cycle. This is true not just for consumer electronics providers but for every part of the electronics value chain – from power and automation to service providers. As my colleague Shaji Thomas recently shared with me, 57% of the B2B buyers journey is complete before a […]

Scarcity versus Misplaced Abundance

(this is a departure post – meaning it’s not only philosophical, it goes outside our stated scope.  It won’t offend me if you skip it if that’s not what you’re wanting to read today). So much of what marketing is supposed to do – what we are told we need/desire/cannot live another moment without – […]

Reclaiming Marketing Innovation: The Modern CMO Imperative

We’re happy to announce the outcomes of our “summer project” – a study and perspective on the state of Innovation in and around Marketing.  While it took us a while to release this report, we are extremely excited about it.  We’ll be sharing our favorite quotes, insights and charts.  We start by evaluating why people […]

Reputation Economy: Linked In, Maybe. Klout, Don’t.

The reputation economy is an outcome of the abundance of digitized information about who we are and what we deliver – whether in our work, our daily lives, our reviews of products, restaurants and services.  We place an inherent amount of trust in other peoples reviews.  Detailed reviews of product features, menu items provide us […]

The Modern CMO – Describing her competencies

Who is the Modern CMO?  Well, you, we hope.  As part of the development of our MKT_Innov8 Study, we developed a perspective on the competencies marketing innovation requires, but we also felt strongly that we needed some better definition of the competencies for the modern CMO as well.   I first used the term the […]

Innovation in small cups: Dovely Tea

We often refer to innovation in its big, game changing approaches.  However, we often fail, at the same time, to remember that innovation as a game changer starts by changing the nature of experience for a limited bunch of ultra committed individuals who meet on common ground. We see outcomes of innovation, not the small […]

Change versus Knowledge

As you know, I find people’s resistance to change interesting.  Here’s why: Change may work.  It may not.  It might take hold.  It might morph.  Change is full of maybes.  You try to engineer as best you can to ensure success.  You build upon a business case which provides the foundation for making change.  You […]

Un-Loose Change

Rule Number 1:  Any system will move toward chaos.  So, in response you must: –       actively participate in your organization’s adaptation to something new –       be forced to change anyway See, your desire to participate in an organizational change or not has no bearing on the outside world who […]

Increasing Your Speed to Market

It’s interesting how many companies say they want to increase their speed to market.  And then go right on throwing major obstacles in the way doing that. If you want to move toward the market with the speed of well tuned racing bike, then guess what?  You better make sure you have cleared the road […]


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