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12 Days of Marketing Innovation, Day #3 – Trendwatching.com

Today’s innovation feature is for the passionate curious who love not just the items of innovation – but a contextual frame for them.

The frame of reference is critically important to enabling an improved organizational dialogue, led by marketers. A product innovation must be positioned. The concept in and of itself is invention; context delivers the shared value construct, the mechanisms of durability and the problem solved/disruption created. (Review the definition on Day 1 here)

The top 50 websites in the world, August 2011

A review of the top 50 websites in the world finds us with no significant changes in the top 10 and 22% of the top 50  have Google in their name.  The only change between my prior evaluation from June 2010 and August 2011 is Twitter and MSN trading places – with Twitter the victor, flying […]

Customer Focus 2011: House and Home Companies who get it right

Alas, I have begun in earnest the always daunting and often unrewarding task that is home renovation.  Some days I come home and see a part of the house into which I have poured my heart, soul and dollars and say “ahhhhh.”  However, because I am early on, around the corner is simply another “ewwww.”   […]

Simple guidance for social media efforts – Understand::Participate::Serve

People often ask if there is a way to frame the social discussion to address the varied organizational needs.  I drew this in hopes it might help enable a better separation in the muddy world of social overlap.  I have kept the framework I introduced in the whitepapers  (all available in the right-hand column) around […]

E-mail: the new “telemarketing at dinner time”

Two colleagues, Stanton Willins and Amol Potdar were discussing if “email was dead.”  Amol – after his smart remark about it being dead about the time he graduated high school 10 years ago,  asked the important question: “so what replaces it?”  After this holiday season, where I received no fewer than 3000 non- work messages […]

Top 50 websites in the world 30-June-2010 versus 21-June-2009

Here we are again, and aside from a few swaps, the top 50 remains rather consistent from its last iteration in May 2010.  However, there is much more interesting news than our traditional graphic (it follows out the end solely for consistency’s sake).  I analyzed the changes in the top 50 websites Year over Year […]

Living your brand values – part three involves a rapping monkey

So, I feel like this is becoming a slightly regular feature here – but this example was classic. And while normally I would put commentary in front of the video/image/piece o’media – we might as well get right down to “bidness…” Now Woot, simply put, never took itself too seriously to begin with.  So it’s […]


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