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Getting Marketing Resource Management Right: Advice For Marketers, From Marketers

As a whole, marketers have been making steady progress toward reinventing our methods to support  the hyper-connected digital universe in which our customers live and breathe.  However,  as marketers, a lot of us are still planning marketing efforts using sneaker patrol and the spreadsheet network.  Tell me, aren’t you tired of it?  Why does getting […]

Retail perspective – IBM IBV Retail and IBV CRM, April 20, 2010

I was recently invited by Jim Kowalski and  Matt Vigneri of Oracle to speak at a small dinner gathering on the current state of the market.  While most of our conversation took place under the cone of silence so we could have a really honest dialogue, I did want to share them (link to slides […]

Strategic service – its for everyone, not just customer service

Digitally savvy customers are increasingly using the Internet not only to seek information, but also to interact with companies, create solutions and make decisions. Smarter companies are using an emerging concept we call Strategic Service Delivery to enable customers to use data and resources more effectively to drive better customer engagement and experiences. Creating a […]

Top 50 Websites in the world – wordle and snapshot October 18 2009

In keeping with our series of posts and visuals on the top 50 websites (see prior versions for August and June), here is the October picture, created this afternoon in Korea while I work from an ugly tiny hotel room in Suwon.  So, there are only a few change-ups in the top 50.  Facebook and […]

Extract from the upcoming whitepaper: The Path Forward

So, I received printed versions of the first of the five whitepapers in our 2009 CRM Leadership Study, The Path Forward:  New Models for Customer Focused Leadership.  I am really excited about it. The first paper is what we have termed the Umbrella – the one that introduces you to all the concepts so that […]

Getting over it: the economy is no longer an excuse

So, based on the 2009 IBM Institute for Business Value CRM Research, 80% of us are thinking we will survive and nearly that amount expect recovery by mid 2010. What that means is that you cannot go into your 2010 plan still saying the market will be bad.  For one, it will mean you won’t […]

Don’t Yield on Customer Trust – a new case-study and whitepaper

Link to whitepaper Link to Wall Street Journal Article Hi all, after working on a number of things all at once, apparently they are starting to all bubble up at once.  To whit, a whitepaper produced earlier this year on creating a Customer Focused Enterprise -  in Healthcare of all places – is finally coming […]

W is wow and wonderful and welcoming

The W Istanbul is a little slice of heaven, and it comes with the most amazing team to help you enjoy it. I could wax lyrical about this hotel for days – and probably will. How does one begin to describe a staff so smart, so dedicated and so simply in love with what they do that pleasing guests REALLY matters?

Acting like a ‘J. Crew member’ – Developing customer advocacy

This is a note of praise.  There are lots of successes – even in this new economic environment.  And, again, it is extremely worthy of note that both of these were moments where the company – in this case – J. Crew – could have failed.  Opportunity often wears an interesting cloak in this market, and you need […]


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