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What one employee can do for your customer experience

What’s your customer experience worth?  And what can one person do about it? How about making 50 people with thousands of nights’ stays willing to stand up for you? There’s this woman.  Her name is Peggy.  She’s a hotel concierge.  In my opinion, I think it takes a certain amount of humility coupled with a huge […]

Hackers & Microsoft Kinect: Used for Good (Customer Experiences, that is)

I actively fall in love with people who take things and redeploy them for social good.  I also fall in love with people who create things that can translate into better customer experiences.  You know who I am really in love with today? The Microsoft Kinect Hacker Community. The hacking community, despite some bad PR, […]

Customer Focus 2011: House and Home Companies who get it right

Alas, I have begun in earnest the always daunting and often unrewarding task that is home renovation.  Some days I come home and see a part of the house into which I have poured my heart, soul and dollars and say “ahhhhh.”  However, because I am early on, around the corner is simply another “ewwww.”   […]

Creating Customer Intelligence: Chasm Crossing

We are in process of designing a new marketing dashboard for a client and it will feature only three categories of information:  campaigns, contacts and customers. I present these in order of things we know the most about to things we know the least about.  There, I said it, we currently know the least about […]

10 business models that rocked 2010 – from the Board of Innovation

I came across this content from a fellow IBMer who came across it from someone else, who… ah, the beauty of social media.  And it is highly unsurprising that the Board of Innovation – the Slideshare’s owners – used Social Media centric models.  Instead of me blabbing, I’ll let you get to the good stuff.  […]

E-mail: the new “telemarketing at dinner time”

Two colleagues, Stanton Willins and Amol Potdar were discussing if “email was dead.”  Amol – after his smart remark about it being dead about the time he graduated high school 10 years ago,  asked the important question: “so what replaces it?”  After this holiday season, where I received no fewer than 3000 non- work messages […]

2010 Customer Service Hall of Shame (MSN data released May 2010)

On May 18th, MSN’s Money page published a report on the current state of customer service – as perceived by the customer.  I am enamored with any research that does not use what customers tell a company directly.  It’s hard to lie to a company to their face – you have to be really mad […]


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