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eCommerce Best Practices – Getting Great Reviews

Reviews are now a critical part of the shopping cycle. This is true not just for consumer electronics providers but for every part of the electronics value chain – from power and automation to service providers. As my colleague Shaji Thomas recently shared with me, 57% of the B2B buyers journey is complete before a […]

Your Next Gen Business Model

(Cross post from IBM.com, my primary outlet for new thinking) If you believe Kickstarter and Indiegogo, you’d say setting up new business models is so easy anyone can do it. Yet, if you talk to the people who have done it, you’ll know that is hardly the case. In fact, it’s so challenging that most […]

Marketing Alert: Fundamental Market Shift (stop ignoring user content)

It’s unimaginable, seriously confounding how the Carly Rae Jepson song has generated so much interest.  It’s a cute catchy song.  And yes, Justin Beiber started it.  However, that does not account for what’s happened.  The meme-ability of the song relies on the fact it is not deep content.  It’s really actually quite simple.  The ability […]

10 New Examples of Smarter Customer Focus

So, it’s been a year since my original posting and I wanted to talk about who I thought was doing smart customer-focused things again – because it’s the most read post on my blog…(original post) – which I think means it’s most important to you. I want to reiterate something I said in the original:  […]

10 examples of smarter customer focus

(Please also see the 2010 version here)  and the start of the 2011 versions here (which goes by industry) People often ask me about who I think is doing interesting things with web 2.0 and what social tools they should use.  And I gently try to tell them it’s the wrong question.  Focus on the […]

The Freedom of Simple Speech and Customer Experienchttps://museandmaven.wordpress.com/e

I recently learned a lesson – okay – if the truth is told; the lesson has been a year in the making.  I’ve only recently accepted that I learned it and implemented it. It is very easy to make things harder.  It is much harder to make things simple.  And, simply put, creating customer experiences is […]


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