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Strange Bedfellows: Innovation and the Powerful Role of Deep Pockets

cross post with the IBM electronics blog  There’s a well accepted premise that big companies by and large have an anti-innovation bias. Simply put, they have a vested interest in maintaining the sales pipelines of the products that have put them in the market to begin with — covering the sales top line, and spreading […]

google #fail – and that’s good

I ask myself, is it better to be early or irrelevant? Early teaches us so much more.

Scarcity versus Misplaced Abundance

(this is a departure post – meaning it’s not only philosophical, it goes outside our stated scope.  It won’t offend me if you skip it if that’s not what you’re wanting to read today). So much of what marketing is supposed to do – what we are told we need/desire/cannot live another moment without – […]

Audi Gives Us A Different Kind of “Test Drive”

Imagine walking into an auto dealership that didn’t have any automobiles.  Imagine sitting down in a black leather bucket seat, surrounded only by LED screens – but still somehow looking into a dashboard and out of a windshield.  What if you could reach out, push a button and “start” the car, turn up the music, […]

Un-Loose Change

Rule Number 1:  Any system will move toward chaos.  So, in response you must: –       actively participate in your organization’s adaptation to something new –       be forced to change anyway See, your desire to participate in an organizational change or not has no bearing on the outside world who […]

Increasing Your Speed to Market

It’s interesting how many companies say they want to increase their speed to market.  And then go right on throwing major obstacles in the way doing that. If you want to move toward the market with the speed of well tuned racing bike, then guess what?  You better make sure you have cleared the road […]

Naked in public

Face it,  you’re naked in public.  It’s not a bad dream, it’s our waking moments exposing our every intent and interest, until we are all well – naked.  Before I realized that Foursquare doesn’t give me very much in return, I was checking in across the planet, I gave them my location to tweet at […]


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