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Getting over it: the economy is no longer an excuse

So, based on the 2009 IBM Institute for Business Value CRM Research, 80% of us are thinking we will survive and nearly that amount expect recovery by mid 2010. What that means is that you cannot go into your 2010 plan still saying the market will be bad.  For one, it will mean you won’t […]

The Final Pew Research Post – Digital Rights – they still have all the power

Ah, the last and final of our Pew Posts for this round. This week, we cover our last theme on digital rights management and sum up where we have been over our quick trip in the Pew Internet and American Life Project, the Future of the Internet in 2020. We’ve discussed the rise of the […]

View from the Pew 3, Augmented Reality blurs all the walls

The third of four in our series around the Future of the Internet from Pew Research: Point Three: Digital places and traditional places give way to “augmented realities” changing what we know as “real life” and meaning a complete rethinking to what an entity – almost any entity “is.” How we handle these transitions will be important, and we will no longer be able to bifurcate our lives.

View from the Pew – Privacy Pit Stop

This post details 5 core discussion themes around the government and privacy and is in follow-up to the last post on privacy and transparency.

Pew Research Review Part 2: Privacy & Transparency for the Digital Age

What do you think, dear reader?  Let me know.  -c- As we started to discuss in the last post, we are working our way through the Pew Internet and American Life Project, the Future of the Internet (click on the text for link) in 2020. In our last thread, we focused on the device – […]

View from the Pew – findings on the Future of the Internet

This is the first of a few blog posts detailing the findings of the Pew Internet and American Life Project survey on the Future of the Internet in 2020. In this post, we discuss the first finding, which I refer to as the rise of the device


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