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Semiconductor Companies: You Need Digital Marketing, Now

(Cross post with electronics) In 2012, the top ten semiconductor companies locked up 51% of the business, with Intel leading that pack – with nearly 16% market share followed by Samsung with 10%. It was, of course a mixed bag of economic results – with different companies taking different strategies, some succeeding and some […]

Scarcity versus Misplaced Abundance

(this is a departure post – meaning it’s not only philosophical, it goes outside our stated scope.  It won’t offend me if you skip it if that’s not what you’re wanting to read today). So much of what marketing is supposed to do – what we are told we need/desire/cannot live another moment without – […]

115 Innovative Ideas for the Modern CMO (pretty version)

115 Innovation ideas for the modern CMO presents eight categories of concepts loving curated to incite creativity

The Modern CMO – Describing her competencies

Who is the Modern CMO?  Well, you, we hope.  As part of the development of our MKT_Innov8 Study, we developed a perspective on the competencies marketing innovation requires, but we also felt strongly that we needed some better definition of the competencies for the modern CMO as well.   I first used the term the […]

Why Horizon Scanning is Important – and How to Start

So we need find them…designers, engineers, bloggers/journalists, academics, futurists, innovation labs, thinkers, tinkerers, tradesmen. To be practical, you can’t boil the internet ocean. Big data is crushing and you don’t have the time or interest in sorting it all out. So, the way you do this is by structuring 5 key keyword queries that represent not your current market but the markets/products/consumers next to it. Let me stress again – NOT your current business. The people who do customer service and community management will handle those. You keep adding or changing your wording a little bit until you start to find aha moments. You can, if you have a well articulated set of innovation initiatives, look to further down the horizon line using the same method.

Un-Loose Change

Rule Number 1:  Any system will move toward chaos.  So, in response you must: –       actively participate in your organization’s adaptation to something new –       be forced to change anyway See, your desire to participate in an organizational change or not has no bearing on the outside world who […]

Increasing Your Speed to Market

It’s interesting how many companies say they want to increase their speed to market.  And then go right on throwing major obstacles in the way doing that. If you want to move toward the market with the speed of well tuned racing bike, then guess what?  You better make sure you have cleared the road […]

Getting Marketing Resource Management Right: Advice For Marketers, From Marketers

As a whole, marketers have been making steady progress toward reinventing our methods to support  the hyper-connected digital universe in which our customers live and breathe.  However,  as marketers, a lot of us are still planning marketing efforts using sneaker patrol and the spreadsheet network.  Tell me, aren’t you tired of it?  Why does getting […]

Innovative Business Models: The New BOGO

Warby Parker, and their quirky name drawn from Kerouac, not only does the charitable thing well, they reinvent the shopping model. They make it easy for you to give them a chance. I uploaded a photo of me, head tilted and not directly centered, on which they managed to allow me to try on most of their recommended glasses. This allowed me to narrow my choices to 5 pairs – FREE OF CHARGE – which they will send to me and allow me to choose from. I will overnight them back – with a prepaid label to make it EASY – with my selection.

Going Rogue: Innovators to Follow – Day 5; Mobile

It seems the connection we have to our devices is not just deep. At some times, it feels nearly irrational. And as anyone who has ever seen it, a bit hilarious (as evidenced by the site, – definitely NSFW). It’s a testament to how many needs those smartphones or tablets actually fulfill for us. So desperate is our need for continual access that we now have a sizable problem with texting and driving. And using them as phones is only a small part of what we do with them. We game on them, we read on them, we watch videos on them. They augment our reality, they link/tweet/friend/pin and share us, they connect all the dots in our lives.

As a response to this connection, mobile marches forward in driving progress across the marketplace. Biometrics/Health/Fitness – check. Banking/Payments/Invoicing – check. Shopping/Price Surfing/Comparison – check. It’s the tip of mobility iceberg. Technologies and social sharing abilities are constantly evolving, and having the ability to partake in them without being strapped to a conventional computer has had an amazing impact on our lives. You might have seen Best Buy’s innovation commercial (aired during the Super Bowl):


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