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The magical and emotional power of pattern recognition

Yesterday I spoke with a group of clients and I did something a little different – something I had wanted to do for a long time.  I cued parts of my presentation to songs.  It was a silly little thing, but as a person who loves music, I have wanted to orchestrate full playlists to […]

Strange Bedfellows: Innovation and the Powerful Role of Deep Pockets

cross post with the IBM electronics blog  There’s a well accepted premise that big companies by and large have an anti-innovation bias. Simply put, they have a vested interest in maintaining the sales pipelines of the products that have put them in the market to begin with — covering the sales top line, and spreading […]

Semiconductor Companies: You Need Digital Marketing, Now

(Cross post with electronics) In 2012, the top ten semiconductor companies locked up 51% of the business, with Intel leading that pack – with nearly 16% market share followed by Samsung with 10%. It was, of course a mixed bag of economic results – with different companies taking different strategies, some succeeding and some […]

Gartner Datatopia Contest – My Entry: “Breach”

If you are a Gartner Business Intelligence Member, you likely received an email for their research contest where the winner draws a free pass to the conference.  I wanted to share with you my entry.  I rest assured I have broken some of the rules or done something that will disqualify me, but I wanted […]

eCommerce Best Practices – Getting Great Reviews

Reviews are now a critical part of the shopping cycle. This is true not just for consumer electronics providers but for every part of the electronics value chain – from power and automation to service providers. As my colleague Shaji Thomas recently shared with me, 57% of the B2B buyers journey is complete before a […]

google #fail – and that’s good

I ask myself, is it better to be early or irrelevant? Early teaches us so much more.

The 900-million dollar gorilla: considerations for a big bet gone wrong

(One woman’s humble opinion – please note I am merely an observer and do not work on Microsoft) It’s no secret that Microsoft took an epic $900m writeoff on Surface. Whether exuberance or arrogance, it’s a big number, even given the big players in the market. Even the HTC Facebook launch was a blip. A […]

Your Next Gen Business Model

(Cross post from, my primary outlet for new thinking) If you believe Kickstarter and Indiegogo, you’d say setting up new business models is so easy anyone can do it. Yet, if you talk to the people who have done it, you’ll know that is hardly the case. In fact, it’s so challenging that most […]

Attracting consumers – 4 strategies; 4 outcomes

This is the story of four home improvement giants, Lowes,, Terrain (owned by Urban Outfitters) and Home Depot, with a little bit of Alternative currency and Loyalty built in.  It is also a review on what drives consumer behavior and why people make interesting decisions. So, I bought a house that needs an upgrade […]

The cult of interesting: why you need to change your business approach

Somehow, based on a recommendation from a friend (we talk about why this is so important as a marketing trend ad infinitum so I won’t bore you with it), I spent 88+ minutes watching an astrophysicist.  Actually if you count the 4 minutes I spent watching the video before this and finding this one, it’s […]


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