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The magical and emotional power of pattern recognition

Yesterday I spoke with a group of clients and I did something a little different – something I had wanted to do for a long time.  I cued parts of my presentation to songs.  It was a silly little thing, but as a person who loves music, I have wanted to orchestrate full playlists to […]

Strange Bedfellows: Innovation and the Powerful Role of Deep Pockets

cross post with the IBM electronics blog  There’s a well accepted premise that big companies by and large have an anti-innovation bias. Simply put, they have a vested interest in maintaining the sales pipelines of the products that have put them in the market to begin with — covering the sales top line, and spreading […]

Semiconductor Companies: You Need Digital Marketing, Now

(Cross post with electronics) In 2012, the top ten semiconductor companies locked up 51% of the business, with Intel leading that pack – with nearly 16% market share followed by Samsung with 10%. It was, of course a mixed bag of economic results – with different companies taking different strategies, some succeeding and some […]

Gartner Datatopia Contest – My Entry: “Breach”

If you are a Gartner Business Intelligence Member, you likely received an email for their research contest where the winner draws a free pass to the conference.  I wanted to share with you my entry.  I rest assured I have broken some of the rules or done something that will disqualify me, but I wanted […]

eCommerce Best Practices – Getting Great Reviews

Reviews are now a critical part of the shopping cycle. This is true not just for consumer electronics providers but for every part of the electronics value chain – from power and automation to service providers. As my colleague Shaji Thomas recently shared with me, 57% of the B2B buyers journey is complete before a […]

google #fail – and that’s good

I ask myself, is it better to be early or irrelevant? Early teaches us so much more.

The 900-million dollar gorilla: considerations for a big bet gone wrong

(One woman’s humble opinion – please note I am merely an observer and do not work on Microsoft) It’s no secret that Microsoft took an epic $900m writeoff on Surface. Whether exuberance or arrogance, it’s a big number, even given the big players in the market. Even the HTC Facebook launch was a blip. A […]


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