About Cristene Gonzalez-Wertz

Feel free to email me at cristene1@gmail.com or twitter at hermione1.  I swear, I put up a picture around here somewhere….but for anyone interested, here’s a little bit about me.  I welcome people reaching out!

I’ve been working around the globe on marketing strategy, science and transformation initiatives for over 20 years. I have both real-world business and consulting experience across industries. As a strategist, I help companies create value exchanges with their customers. I put my passion and creativity to work for our clients so we can determine valuable opportunities to improve customer interactions. I bring a deep and broad base of knowledge from industries, cultures and organizations to my clients but I respect where they are coming from just as much.

Companies need not only to consider how they value each customer, but how the customer values them.  This concept of an exchange means that solutions must be authentic and mutually beneficial to increase revenue and relationship.   Great customer experience is not just checking off the boxes of tasks that need to be completed, it’s part strategy, part process discipline and part alchemy or excitement.  Customer experience is not something that only enables the customer – it has to be supported by processes that enable the organization’s people just as well.

My recent work has focused on making strategic changes to the business or operating model that support organizations pursuing new markets and revenue streams. This is about harnessing what an organization does best and making it central to the way they deliver value for themselves and their customers. I also focus on how emerging technologies can improve customer success. Hence, I look at social media the same way consumers do – as a participant, and try to be slightly more advanced than my gen-x age might hint.

I really want to work in a big old barn some day with a couple of Boston Terriers at my feet and the man I love somewhere nearby.  Good dinners with great friends and amazing conversations are my favorite things.

My thought leadership:

December 9, 2012:  Reclaiming Marketing Innovation, The CMO Imperative

March 25, 2012:  Getting Marketing Resource Management Right, Advice from Marketers for Marketers

March 2010:  Strategic Service Delivery on the Path Forward (Part of Path Forward Suite)

November 2009: Going Digital: The Connected Collaborative Path Forward (Part of Path Forward Suite)

October 2009:  The New Voice of the CIO: Implications for the C-Suite (CRM specific-perspective)

October 2009:  The 2009 IBM Institute for Business Value CRM Leadership Study, The Path Forward: New Models for Customer Focused Leadership (Launch of the Path Forward Suite)

September 2009:  Don’t Yield on Customer Trust:  Navigating the Customer Experience Journey

October 2007:  The Agile Enterprise Marketer

August 2005:  Ensuring Success in Marketing Change Adoption with Transition Leadership

September 2004 (Update):  Getting More From Your Campaign Management Solution

My speaking engagements:

2011 – Unica MIS2011

2010 – Alterian Engaging Times Summit (Panel); NCDM  – Social Media Data (Panel)

Customer Experience Forum (Zurich) November, 2008:  Latest Insights in Customer Advocacy
Forrester Consumer Forum October, 2007:  Enabling the Social Contract with Your Customers
American Banking Association May 2007:  The Agile Enterprise Marketer
Forrester Ovals Database Marketing Conference September, 2005:  Effective Test and Learn Strategies
Unica Marketing Innovation Summit Conference June, 2005 (Two Presentations)Effective Testing Strategies with Affinium Campaign for Improved ROI*Marketing Process Redesign (Vendor/Sponsor Session)May, 2004:  Contacts, Permission, Timing & Value (Developing Contact Management Strategy)*

May, 2003:  Growing Customer Value Across the Enterprise*

Marketing Operations Management Symposium May, 2005:  Aligning Marketing Processes to Your Marketing Strategy (also co-moderated day 2 of operations track of conference)*September, 2004:  The Evolution Of Campaign Management To Marketing Operations Management: Out Of The Boxes And Into The Hands Of Users*
Conference Board June, 2004:  Mastering the Complex Process of Data Integration*September, 2003:  Instating and Using ROI for mid-course corrections*
National Center for Database Marketing July 2005 (Two Presentations)A Baker’s Dozen of Best Practices & the Action Plans to Deliver Them*MRM and The Enterprise Content Management Platform:  The Next Winning Ticket in Marketing Operations Mastery

December, 2004 :  Marketing Resource Management – Windfalls and Pitfalls*

July, 2003:  Sharing Architecture, Standards and Best Practices Across the Enterprise*

  • co-presented with Fair Isaac Colleague Kevin Haas

Portland Head, Portland ME Lighthouse

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