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Creating Customer Intelligence: Chasm Crossing

We are in process of designing a new marketing dashboard for a client and it will feature only three categories of information:  campaigns, contacts and customers. I present these in order of things we know the most about to things we know the least about.  There, I said it, we currently know the least about […]

10 business models that rocked 2010 – from the Board of Innovation

I came across this content from a fellow IBMer who came across it from someone else, who… ah, the beauty of social media.  And it is highly unsurprising that the Board of Innovation – the Slideshare’s owners – used Social Media centric models.  Instead of me blabbing, I’ll let you get to the good stuff.  […]

E-mail: the new “telemarketing at dinner time”

Two colleagues, Stanton Willins and Amol Potdar were discussing if “email was dead.”  Amol – after his smart remark about it being dead about the time he graduated high school 10 years ago,  asked the important question: “so what replaces it?”  After this holiday season, where I received no fewer than 3000 non- work messages […]

2010 Customer Service Hall of Shame (MSN data released May 2010)

On May 18th, MSN’s Money page published a report on the current state of customer service – as perceived by the customer.  I am enamored with any research that does not use what customers tell a company directly.  It’s hard to lie to a company to their face – you have to be really mad […]

The Analytics Lies We Tell Ourselves

Analytics – and their kissing cousins statistics – are vaunted as TNT – the next thing.  As well they should be.  What else has the raw power to transform us if we only yield our hardened and overconfident selves to its logical and principled care? But as humans, we get in the way, sub-optimizing things […]

The Next Steps in Customer Experience

So, as many of my regular digital community know, I am going to become Chief Strategist at a small firm named Covalent Marketing.  While leaving IBM is a big deal, I love its people and its forward thinking, it is time again to get closer to shaping new customer approaches that meet the SHARE (simple […]

Retail perspective – IBM IBV Retail and IBV CRM, April 20, 2010

I was recently invited by Jim Kowalski and  Matt Vigneri of Oracle to speak at a small dinner gathering on the current state of the market.  While most of our conversation took place under the cone of silence so we could have a really honest dialogue, I did want to share them (link to slides […]

Strategic service – its for everyone, not just customer service

Digitally savvy customers are increasingly using the Internet not only to seek information, but also to interact with companies, create solutions and make decisions. Smarter companies are using an emerging concept we call Strategic Service Delivery to enable customers to use data and resources more effectively to drive better customer engagement and experiences. Creating a […]

Another step on the path forward – the new digital channels whitepaper

Going digital: The connected, collaborative path forward is finally published.  The link is in the right hand nav bar, second from the top (for now).  Or, to make it simple, it is also the headline above. Here is the first page, with hopes of whetting your appetite to get more: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) executives […]

McKinsey and MIT on collaboration – and its meaning for innovative market making

Link to PDF of McKinsey/McAfee interview Wanted to recap some of the great soundbytes – none out of context I hope from a McKinsey interview with Andrew McAfee, principal research scientist at the Center for Digital Business at the MIT Sloan School of Management on collaboration.  Right out the gate, McAfee hits us with a […]


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